React Reform

Helps you create powerful themes for pleasant to use forms


  • Define one or several form themes for your project.
  • Set up validations if the defaults aren't enough for you.
  • Wrap your input components or use the default ones.
  • Use them to write forms like this:
    <Form onSubmit={this.handleSubmit} theme="dark">
      <Text name="name" label="Your Name" isRequired hasMinlength={3}/>
      <DatePicker name="birthday" label="Your Birthday"/>


You get full control over all tags and styles

Do you prefer <p>s over <div>s? Do you prefer inline styles over class names? It's all up to you! You remain control over how your forms are rendered.

Define your custom behaviour for validation

Do you want to indicate validation errors while the user is typing? Do you want to treat erros sent from the server differently? React-Reform allows you to consistently define such behaviours accross all your forms.

Low level

Take a look at the recipes to see what kind of stuff React Reform allows you to do. Sure, being low level means that you've got quite some stuff to write to get production-ready themes. But you'll be rewarded with a very concise way of creating powerful and consistent forms.


React Reform comes with 0 dependencies. It also leaves out all optional things like default inputs and validation rules out of the core.

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